2015 H.S. 2nd Year BUSINESS STUDIES Question Paper

Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 30
Time: 3 hours

The figures in the origin indicate full marks for the questions

Q. No. 1 carries a mark each                        1 X 8 = 8
Q. No. 2-6 carry 2 marks each                     2 X 5 = 10
Q. No. 7-11 carry 3 marks each                   3 X 5 = 15
Q. No. 12-18 carry 5 marks each                 5 X 7 = 35
Q. No. 19-22 carry 8 marks each                 8 X 4 = 32
Total = 100

1.(a) At which level business policy is farmed?  1
(b) Who defined management as the art of getting things done through others? 1
(c) Which principle of management promotes team spirit? 1
(d) Which technique of scientific management does provide of eight specialist foremen over workers? 1
(e) Name the function by which managers build an organization through the recruitment, selection and development of individual as capable employees. 1
(f) Which is the most costly capital for a company? 1
(g) In which year NSE came into existence?  1
(h) Which marketing philosophy gives more importance to ‘Consumer Welfare ‘instead of ‘Consumer Satisfaction’?        1

2. Mention two features of planning. 2

3. What do you mean by organization structure? 2

4. Why internal source of recruitment is considered to be economical? 2

5. Name four elements of directing. 2

6. Write two features of marketing. 2

7.State three importance of controlling. 3

8. Discuss the relationship between planning and controlling. 3

9. State in brief the three decision involved in financial management. 3

10. Explain any three responsibilities of a consumer to safeguard his interest. 3


Why entrepreneurship is regarded as a creative activity?  3

11. Explain the role of consumer organization and NGO’s in protecting and promoting consumer interest. 3

Outline three basic forces of entrepreneurial motivation.  3

12. State five leading functions of middle level management. 5

13.State five leading techniques of scientific management.   5

14. How a business is influenced by political and legal environment. 5


How globalization is affected business in India?     5

15. Discuss five limitations of planning.  5

16. Explain briefly the process of staffing.  5


Distinguish between recruitment and selection. 5

17. Define financial market. Explain four functions of financial market.    5


Explain five instruments of money market. 5

18. Discuss in brief the factors that are taken into consideration while taking decision on pricing the product. 5

19. What is divisional organizational structure? Outline three merits and demerits of such a structure. 8

Mention the four steps in the process of organization. How centralization differs from decentralization? 8

20. Discuss in detail eight fundamental principles of directing.  8


 Distinguish between formal and informal communication. State three barriers to communication. 8

21. What are the three aspects of financial planning? State two objectives and three importance of financial planning. 8


Distinguish between fixed and working capital. Explain the factors that determine the amount of fixed capital need.       8

22. Discuss eight leading functional areas of marketing. 8
What are the elements of promotion mix? Discuss any two of them.  8