Dibrugarh University Syllabus B.com 1st Semester Environmental Science (CBCS)

B.Com (Gen) (CBCS)
Semester -I
Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course
AEC 201
Environmental Science
(2 Credit) Lectures:30

Full Marks: 50

(Internal Assessment 10 + 40 End-Term)


Ecosystems --- 10 L
Ecosystem-Structure and function of ecosystem (Abiotic and biotic factors); Energy flow in an ecosystem.
Environmental Problems: Global warming and Climate change, ozone layer depletion. Deforestation, acid rain; impacts of environmental disturbances.

Unit -II

Natural Resources and Biodiversity  ---- 10 L

Energy resources: Renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Biodiversity patterns and global biodiversity hot spots, India as a mega-diversity, Conservation of biodiversity: In-situ and Ex-situ conservation of biodiversity.

Unit -III

Environmental Pollution, Impact and Management  -- 10 L

Environmental pollution: Air, water, soil and noise pollution, Nuclear hazards and human health risks, solid waste management: Control measures of urban and industrial waste.
Environmental Protection Act and International agreements: Montreal and Kyoto protocols and Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

Unit wise distribution of marks shall be same for all