Dibrugarh University SYLLABUS B.Com 3rd Semester (CBCS) HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT

B.Com. (Hons.)
(CBCS) Semester
 III C 305-
(6 Credit) Lectures: 60 Tutorial 5
Full Marks: 100
(Internal Assessment 20 + 80 End-Term) 

Objective: The objective of the course is to acquaint students with the techniques and principles to manage human resource of an organisation. 

Unit 1
12 L + 1 T

Human Resource Management: Concept and Functions, Role, Status and competencies of HR Manager, HR Policies, Evolution of HRM, HRM vs HRD. Emerging Challenges of Human Resource Management; Workforce diversity; Empowerment; Downsizing; VRS; Human Resource Information System. Marks: 16 

Unit 2
Acquisition of Human Resource
12 L + 1 T

Human Resource Planning- Quantitative and Qualitative dimensions; job analysis – job description and job specification; Recruitment – Concept and sources; Selection – Concept and process; test and interview; placement and induction. Marks: 16 

Unit 3
Training and Development
12 L + 1 T

Concept and Importance; Identifying Training and Development Needs; Designing Training Programmes; Role-Specific and Competency-Based Training; Evaluating Training Effectiveness; Training Process Outsourcing; Management Development; Career Development. Marks: 16 

Unit 4
Performance Appraisal
 12 L + 1 T

Nature, objectives and importance; Modern techniques of performance appraisal; potential appraisal and employee counselling; job changes - transfers and promotions; Compensation: concept and policies; job evaluation; methods of wage payments and incentive plans; fringe benefits; performance-linked compensation.      Marks: 16 

Unit 5
12 L + 1 T

Employee health and safety; employee welfare; social security; Employer-Employee relations- an overview; grievance-handling and redressal; Industrial Disputes: causes and settlement machinery.  Marks: 16