Reduced portion/ Syllabus for H.S. 2nd Year Final Examination 2021 (ACCOUNTANCY)



Part A

Unit - I : Incidental trading activities by a Not for profit Organisation.

Unit - II : Guarantee of profit to a partner, Past adjustments.

Unit - III : Capitalisation method of valuation of Goodwill. Adjustment of capitals, change in profit sharing ratio among the existing partners.

Unit - IV : Calculation of profit for the current period, Treatment of Joint Life Policy and Individual Life Policy in case of death of a partner.

Unit - V : No change.

Part B

Unit - I : Issue of shares for consideration other than cash. Buy back of shares – meaning.

Unit - II : Issue of debentures for consideration other than cash, issue of debentures as a collateral security. Accounting for Interest on Debentures, Writing off Discount/Loss on issue of Debentures. Redemption of Debentures by purchase in open market, by conversion, Sinking Fund Method.

Unit - III : No change.

Unit - IV : No change.

Unit - V : Types of Ratio – Liquidity Ratios, Solvency Ratios, Activity Ratio and Profitability Ratio.

Unit - VI : Preparation of cash flow statement (as per Accounting standards issued by ICAI)


Part C
Unit - I : No change.

Unit - II : No change.

Unit - III : Using Queries, forms and Reports for generating accounting information, Application of DBMS in generating accounting information such as shareholders records, sales reports, customers profile, suppliers profile, pay roll, employees profile, petty cash register.

Unit - IV : Application of Electronic spread sheet in generating accounting information, preparing depreciation schedule, loan repayment schedule, pay roll accounting and other such applications.