Dibrugarh University B.COM 1st Semester Subject wise Full Notes (CBCS) - myedu365

Dibrugarh University B.COM 1st Semester 1st Year Financial Accounting Subject wise Full Notes (CBCS) - myedu365
B.COM 1st Semester Notes (CBCS)

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Objectives: The objective of this paper is to help students to acquire conceptual knowledge of the financial accounting and to impart skills for recording various kinds of business transactions.

Unit 1

(a)Theoretical Framewor 

(i) Accounting as an information system,

(b) Accounting Process 

From recording of a business transaction to preparation of trial balance including adjustments.

(c) Computerised Accounting Systems
Computerised Accounting Systems

Unit 2

(a) Business Income  

(i) Measurement of business income.
(ii) Revenue recognition: Recognition of expenses.

(iii) The nature of depreciation.
(iv) Inventories: Meaning.

(b)Final Account

Capital and revenue expenditures and receipt.

Unit 3

Accounting for Hire-Purchase and Installment Systems, Consignment, and Joint Venture 

(i) Accounting for Hire-Purchase.
(ii) Consignment:
(iii) Joint Venture:

Unit 4

Accounting for Inland Branches
Concept of dependent branches; accounting aspects;

Unit 5

Accounting for Dissolution of Partnership Firm
Accounting of Dissolution of the Partnership Firm.